2006-2021 Yamaha R6 Standard Ratio Gearset for Racing

Unlike the Nova close ratio boxes, it will not result in any performance advantage. This gear set has stock gear ratios and is designed to give extra durability when used under race conditions.  The gears are manufactured from a certified motorsport grade billet material, feature undercut dogs and are super finished as supplied.

These gears are not interchangeable with the Yamaha gears and must be fitted as a set onto the existing standard input and output shafts.

All 10 loose gears for both shafts (2nd to 6th input and 1st to 6th output) are supplied and spare parts are available if needed.

2006-2017 Yamaha R6 Standard Ratio Gearset for Racing

Price £1570.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly: 252