Our Processes

Below we explain our processes from manufacture through to finishing.

Product manufacture is carried out on small modern industrial site in Partridge Green, West Sussex, UK.

The workshops are equipped with the following:

  • One Aberlink Axiom Too co-ordinate measuring machine
  • Four CNC mills
  • Three CNC lathes – setup for soft and hard turning
  • Four gear shaping machines
  • Two spline & gear hobbing machines
  • One turret mill
  • One lathe
  • 7 ton vertical broaching machine
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Usual jobbing workshop equipment

The CNC machines comprise of a Daewoo Lynx and 2 Doosan 220 chucking lathes, Four XYZ 560VMC machining centres, two with 4th axis capabilities. The four machining centres are fitted with 16 position tool changers. All the CNC machines are linked to computers for DNC machining Software used for CNC machining is OpenMind Hypermill 3 axis

Gear Manufacture
The shaft or gear blanks are turned on our CNC lathes, all programs are written offline. Engagement dogs and lightning pockets are cut on the CNC machining centres.
Teeth are cut either by hobbing or shaping, depending on the design of the gear using high quality cutters. Splines on shafts are hobbed.
Once fully de-burred all parts are marked up and sent to heat treatment for hardening.
All components where necessary are then finished by hard turning on a CNC lathe
Where applicable parts are then Superfinished.

At each stage of manufacture we are able to check dimensional and geometric accuracy of components using our automated measuring machine.

Aluminium components
Aluminium components, are billet, machined on the machining centres. Aluminium specifications used are NS8 and HE30. Following machining and inspection, the components are usually either hard or decoratively anodised.

No matter how good the design and manufacture processes are, it remains an acknowledged fact that the material and subsequent heat treatment is the most important part of our products.

Whilst commercial EN36 has served well enough since its introduction in 1941, hence the “emergency number” designation, improvements have taken place in the elimination of impurities.

With quality in every aspect of our products being the most important objective, the decision was taken in 2009 to find a new supplier. Enquires around the automotive transmission manufacturers lead us to the Austrian company Bohler, long famed for their tool steels, who had recently introduced a range of gear steels produced in a novel, to us, way with no measurable impurities. Effectively EN36 modernised. With a level of support for their product not experienced previously, we look forward with confidence to be able to off the best possible product to motorcycle engine users.

We have used TTI Luton for 34 years, as do many top engineering companies, F1 teams and leading transmission manufacturers.

Tests to date with our most highly stressed product using Bohler Steel, T.T.I. Heat treatment and Superfinishing has proven to be superior when compared to our previous supplied material without the Superfinishing.

To enhance the quality of our products every part is superfinished in house.

The superfinishing process produces a highly polished surface to resist the propagation of fatigue cracks and reduce friction.

We also offer this surface to customer parts.

Price List:

1-3 items £22 per item
4-5 items £16 per item
6+ items £12.50 per item

Oversized or urgent or oversized parts requiring a dedicated process will be charge at £60 minimum.

Please could all gear assemblies be dissembled before they are sent to us.