Current Projects

We are always taking on new projects to meet the ongoing demands of the motorcycle world.

We are currently working on the following new designs, which are planned for manufacture in early 2014. If any of these projects interest you, if you require further information or you wish to reserve a set, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2011-2013 Kawasaki ZX10 CR Gearbox
A close ratio gearbox is being designed with improved gear engagement for circuit racing. If you have any specific ratio requests please contact us.

2011-2013 Kawasaki ZX10 Standard Ratio Gearbox
We are producing a standard ratio gearbox with improved gear engagement. This is in response to a high volume of customer requests. This kit will include 2nd to 6th input gears and 1st to 6th output gears.

2008-2011 BMW G450X WR Gearbox
This gearbox is designed to give an 8.4% wider ratio spread to allow it to cope with a more diverse range of riding conditions. The new gearbox will allow the BMW to be ridden at more comfortable RPM on tarmac, whilst still being able to take everything the trails can throw at it!

KTM 690 CR Gearbox
A close ratio gearbox for the KTM 690 engine is being produced, specifically designed for road racing. The gearbox is 15% closer than standard and will give significantly improvements in lap times.

Suzuki T500 6 Speed CR Gearbox
We are just finalizing the design of a 6 speed for the T500. The gearbox features the same 1st gear ratio as standard, but 6th is 11.2% closer to 1st than the old 5th, and all the gears are spaced much closer together to compliment the power delivery of a tuned engine. This will make a significant improvement to performance on the track.

Suzuki GT750 6 Speed CR Gearbox
A long time coming, but we will shortly be undertaking the design of this gearbox. The gear ratios will be released early in 2014, though will be a ‘conventional’ road race gearbox, although at this stage any suggestions on ratios are welcome.

Proposed Projects

If you have a project or component which you would be interested in being made or designed, please feel free to contact us. We receive many enquiries for new products and our diverse design team will be happy to offer solutions and information for a whole range of proposals.

The following components or assemblies have recently been suggested to us, and we welcome anyone with an interest in any of these to contact us with their thoughts or to place an order.

Honda CBX1000 6 Speed
We have had some interest in 6 speed gearbox for the CBX1000 with optimized ratios and dogs for circuit racing.

Yamaha XT550
These bikes are prolific in Europe and there has been some interest in a 4 or 5 speed racing gearbox.

Kawasaki H2 6 Speed
With many replica H2’s being produced we have been asked on a few occasions for a close ratio 6 speed like those run in the factory H2R’s in their day.