Velocette 5 Speed Gearbox

The Nova 5 speed gearset is designed to fit the standard Velocette type 10, 12, and 14 gear box shells.

All gears have 3 undercut engagement dogs with optimised backlash for fast changes and positive retention. The gearset comes with both the mainshaft and layshaft fully assembled (excluding main bearings), three selector forks, a 5 speed cam plate, and actuating pawl. The kit is also supplied with a sprocket of the customers choice in either 428 or 530 pitch. See sprocket options at the bottom of the page. Wear in an old front cover circlip groove can allow the mainshaft to move so as an additional safety measure an accurately machined collar is also supplied that prevents the circlip from jumping out.

The road version is supplied with a kickstart 1st layshaft gear which operates with the standard kickstart mechanism.

The race version comes with a plain 1st layshaft gear which cannot be used with the kickstart mechanism. Therefore the race kit is supplied with a billet aluminium bearing carrier which replaces the standard kick start boss.

Part of the charm of these machines is that we have yet to see two Velocette cases exactly the same! Sleeve gear threads can sometimes differ as there are many pattern parts on offer. A compatible sleeve gear nut can be purchased at additional cost.

Available with Superfinish

1st 27 – 21 2.250:1
} 29.0%
} 18.9%
} 15.0%
} 9.3%
2nd 23 – 21 1.598:1
3rd 27 – 20 1.296:1
4th 27 – 17 1.102:1
5th 1.000:1
Overall reduction 1st – 5th 55.5%

A taller 1st gear pair is also available, which is 8.1% taller than the 1st ratio supplied as standard. This is advisable if you intend to use the 5 speed on the race track, as it reduces the drop from 1st to 2nd to a more sensible 22.7%. This can be supplied as standard at no additional cost.

Alternate taller 1st ratio
1st : 22 – 26 = 2.068:1

The following sprockets are available for the 5 speed gearbox:

  • Z17 : 530
  • Z18 : 530 & 428
  • Z19 : 530 & 428
  • Z20 : 530 & 428
  • Z21 : 530 & 428
  • Z22 : 530
  • Z23 : 530

Velocette 5 Speed Gearbox

Price : see below

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly:

(Road) 154

(Race) 153