Suzuki GT500 T500 – Straight Cut Primary Gears

Supplied includes clutch gear, crank gear, rivets, 8 washers and a 28x33x27 Needle Bearing and inner race.

Ratios available are:

31 – 68     2.194     (Same as the works version. Suitable for high rpm engines)

34 – 64     1.882

Suzuki GT500 T500 – Straight Cut Primary Gears

Price £294.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly: 150

Suzuki GT500 T500 – Clutch Basket

Standard Suzuki T500 clutch baskets are no longer available new and we have had numerous requests for a solution to this.

We have designed a clutch basket to use modern Honda friction plates which are readily available. These frictions are a different thickness to the Suzuki parts, and therefore a different combination of steels are required.

The basket is manufactured from billet HE30 Aluminium and has a hard anodised finish.

The following clutch plates are necessary:

  • 8 Off Honda 3mm Friction Plates (22201-MEN-670)
  • 5 Off Suzuki T500 2mm Steel Plates (21451-31000)
  • 3 Off Suzuki DR350 1.5mm Steel Plates (21451-28C31)

There are differences between GT500 and T500 parts. A GT500 pressure plate is required, or the modification of your existing pressure plate to Ø138mm.

**(Please also note that clutch plates of part number 21451-15000 may be too large in diameter to fit inside the Nova clutch basket.)**

These can be purchased from your local Honda/ Suzuki dealers , or from ourselves on request at additional cost.

Basket, Retaining plate and screws

Price £180.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova: 264