Suzuki GT750 Primary Gears

Replaces the standard helical gears and removes the side thrust imparted by this arrangement.

Ratio’s are the same as the factory TR version.

54 – 84    1.556

To install these gears it is necessary to dismantle the crankshaft as the crank gear connects the inner and right hand cylinders.

The Nova crankshaft gear is supplied with woodruff keyways and keys so that if the mating flywheels have key slots cut in them, it ensures that the crankpins are aligned at 120º and restrained from moving.  It is also essential to keyway the pair of flywheels which connect the centre to left hand cylinder.

The clutch gear mounts to the standard clutch basket and rivets are supplied to secure in place.

Please Note Crank Gear Comes Assembled On The Shaft.

Suzuki GT750 Primary Gears

Price £575.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly: 136