Kawasaki KX500

Working alongside KX500 Tech, we now manufacture a number of standard replacement parts for the KX500. All parts are interchangeable with existing standard parts.

All sold through

weblink to KX500tech

Standard Replacement Gears

2nd input Z18

3rd Input Z22

4th Input Z22

5th Input Z24

1st Output Z32

2nd Output Z26

3rd Output Z26

4th Output Z21

5th Output Z19


Kickstart Idler Gear

Kickstart Gear and Ratchet

Kickstart Shaft, Gear and Ratchet

Power Valve Gear

Pressure plates

Selector Forks

1st Output Fork

2nd/3rd Output Fork

4th/5th Input fork

Selector Drum

Selector Drum

Clutch lifters

Clutch lifter ’83-’86

Clutch lifter ’87 Onwards