2006-Current Honda TRX450R Quad Gearbox

The 2006- current Nova Honda TRX 450R quad gearset is a direct replacement for the standard gearset. The gears are manufactured from high quality billet steel and all engagement dogs are undercut for positive drive and retention under high loads. All the ratios are the same as the Honda ratios apart from 4th which is a little over 1% taller than standard. This ratio change was only to get further strength out of the previously weak 4th gear.

We supply all the loose gears only, which should be assembled onto the standard input and output shafts using genuine Honda bushes, circlips, washers etc.

To further improve the durability of the gearset the Nova TRX Gears are superfinished in house as standard.

1st 13 – 29 2.231:1
} 19.9%
} 19.5%
} 18.8%
} 17.5%
2nd 14 – 25 1.786:1
3rd 16 – 23 1.438:1
4th 18 – 21 1.167:1
5th 27 – 26 0.963:1
Overall reduction 1st – 5th 56.8%

2006-Current Honda TRX450R Quad Gearbox

Price £1315.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly: 249