Honda CB500/4 Dry Clutch Kit

Comprises of inner and outer covers machined out of high tensile aluminium, new clutch gear(standard ratio), clutch basket assembly, inner hub assembly, pressure plate, and input shaft. Covers are supplied with a clear/ natural anodised finish.

All consumable parts i.e. clutch plates, bearings, seals, springs are supplied and are readily available. The plates and springs are genuine Yamaha parts.

The inner cover, outer cover and pressure plate can be anodised different colours on request, at additional cost. Please contact us for a full list of available colours and availability. The inner cover is fitted with an oil inspection sight glass to aid in determining the oil level.

This kit is currently only compatible with our 6 speed gearbox.

Honda CB500/4 Dry Clutch (for existing gearbox customers)

Price £2025.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly: 06602-000

Honda CB500/4 Gearbox and Dry Clutch Kit

Price £3550.00

+VAT (if applicable) & Carriage.

Nova assembly: 272