About Nova

Nova Racing specialises in the design of motorcycle transmission/gearbox components and the subsequent manufacture of these components for racing or prototype purposes. Additionally, it undertakes design and development work on a contract basis in related engineering fields.

The product range is designed, manufactured and marketed directly to the end user. Details and prices of our wide range of gearsets/gearboxes spanning motorcycles from the classic era right up to modern motorcycles can be found on their respective product pages using the menus above.

As well as supplying complete motorbike gearsets, we also can also provide alternate ratios for standard motorbike gearboxes by supplying adjusted ratio gear pairs as a direct replacement to the standard gear ratio.

Nova also carries a wide range of individual gears for spares, please contact us for availability and prices.

Bespoke Products

If you have a query regarding a bespoke job please contact us via phone or email and our specialist design team will evaluate your request.

Please see our motorcycle gearbox design page for further details.